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Mobility Framework Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
ActiveChannelAnnounce the current channel that we send on
AlohaMacLayerMAC module which provides pure Aloha
ANSimMobilityUses the <position_change> elements of the ANSim tool's trace file. See NED file for more info
BasicApplLayerBasic class for the application layer
BasicDeciderModule to decide whether a frame is received correctly or is lost due to bit errors, interference..
BasicLayerA very simple layer template
BasicMacLayerA very simple MAC module template which provides de- and encapsulation of messages using the standard addresses and MacControlInfo of the MF. It also provides basic handling of lower layer messages
BasicMobilityBasic module for all mobility modules
BasicModuleBase class for all simple modules of a host that want to have access to the Blackboard module
BasicSnrEvalThe basic class for all snrEval modules
BitrateHold current Bitrate of a radio, as double in bit per second
BonnMotionMobilityUses the BonnMotion native file format. See NED file for more info
BurstApplLayerApplication layer to test lower layer implementations
ChannelAccessBasic class for all physical layers, please don't touch!!
ChannelControlModule to control the channel and handle all connection related stuff
CircleMobilityCircle movement model. See NED file for more info
ClientApplLayerClient application layer to test centrallized scenarios
ConstSpeedMobilityControls all movement related things of a host
CoordClass for storing host positions
CSMAMacLayerMAC module which provides non-persistent CSMA
Decider80211Decider for the 802.11 modules
DroppedPacketMay be published by MAC lyer to indicate why a packet was dropped
ErrAndCollDeciderDecider module for the GilbertElliotSnr module
FloodA simple flooding protocol
FWMathSupport functions for mathematical operations
GilbertElliotSnrKeeps track of the different snir levels when receiving a packet and switches between states GOOD and BAD (Gilbert-Elliot-Model)
HostMoveClass to store host position and movement
LinearMobilityLinear movement model. See NED file for more info
LineSegmentsMobilityBaseBase class for mobility models where movement consists of a sequence of linear movements of constant speed
Mac80211An implementation of the 802.11b MAC
MacControlInfoControl info to pass next hop L2 addr from netw to MAC layer
MassMobilityModels the mobility of with mass, making random motions. See NED file for more info
MediumIndicationWhat is the current medium state? busy vs. idle, not valid when radio state is sending or sleeping
ModuleAccess< T >
NetwControlInfoControl info netw messages
NicControlTypeEnumerate possible control messages
NicEntryNicEntry is used by ChannelControl to store the necessary information for each nic
NicEntryDebugNicEntry is used by ChannelControl to store the necessary information for each nic
NicEntryDirectNicEntry is used by ChannelControl to store the necessary information for each nic
P2PPhyLayerA very simple physical layer
PhyControlInfoControl info to pass information to and from the PHY layer
PollApplLayerBase station application layer to test centralized scenarios
RadioStateClass to hold the channel state of a certain radio of a nic
RectangleMobilityRectangle movement model. See NED file for more info
RSSIClass that keeps track of the current RSSI value (recived signal strength indicator)
SimpleArpA class to convert integer layer addresses
SimpleNetwLayerSimple class for the network layer
SingleChannelRadioA simple radio being able to send / transmit on one channel
SnrDeciderSimple snr decider..
SnrEvalKeeps track of the different snir levels when receiving a packet
SnrEval80211A SnrEval for the 802.11b protocol
SnrEval::SnrStructStruct to store a pointer to the mesage, rcvdPower AND a SnrList, needed in SnrEval::addNewSnr
SnrListEntryStruct for SNR information
TestApplLayerTest class for the application layer
TestDeciderA test Decider to test core functionality
TestSnrEvalAn SnrEval module to test core functionality
TurtleMobilityLOGO-style movement model, with the script coming from XML. See NED file for more info

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