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BBItem Class Reference
[blackboard - blackboard related stuff]

#include <Blackboard.h>

Inherited by ActiveChannel, Bitrate, DroppedPacket, HostMove, MediumIndication, RadioState, and RSSI.

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Public Member Functions

virtual BBItemparentObject () const

Detailed Description

Contains detailed information about the items published using the BB.

To understand this class, consider the case of routing protocols. The minimal entry in a routing table consists of the tuple <target, neighbor, cost>. However, some more specific routing protocol may wqant to store more information in a table entry. Hence, it subclasses the original entry and adds its own fields. How do other parties that are interested in topology changes still receive information about changes in the routing table? The only way is to make the inheritance structure a bit accessible. This enables the BB to further deliver notifications to subscribers of the original entry, but also to those of the new one -- and all that without the need to recompile the framework due to a newly introduced constant.

The info function of cPolymorphic should be implemented -- you can use it to disinguish between items of the same category (like two MAC addresses if the host has two network interfaces).

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Andreas Koepke

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