Simple Module BasicApplLayer

File: contrib/applLayer/BasicApplLayer.ned

C++ definition: click here

Basic class for the application layer

This is the generic class for all application layer modules. If you want to implement your own application layer you have to subclass your module from this class.

In this implementation all nodes randomly send broadcast packets to all connected neighbors. Every node who receives this packet will send a reply to the originator node.

Author: Daniel Willkomm

Usage diagram:

The following diagram shows usage relationships between modules, networks and channels. Unresolved module (and channel) types are missing from the diagram. Click here to see the full picture.

Used in compound modules:

If a module type shows up more than once, that means it has been defined in more than one NED file.


The P2PHost is a compound module that implements a very simple peer to peer host. Instead of an "snrEval" and "decider" module it just contains a simple "phy" module that sends unicast messages


The ClientHost is a compound module that implements a very simple mobile client. It only consists of basic modules and the ClientApplLayer.


Flood Host

Host (no description)


Name Type Description
debug bool

debug switch

headerLength numeric const

length of the application message header (in bits)


Name Direction Description
lowergateIn input

from network layer

lowerControlIn input
lowergateOut output

to network layer

Source code:

simple BasicApplLayer
	debug : bool, // debug switch
	headerLength : numeric const; // length of the application message header (in bits)
	in: lowergateIn,  // from network layer
	out: lowergateOut; // to network layer