Simple Module BasicDecider

File: core/basicModules/BasicDecider.ned

C++ definition: click here

Module to decide whether a frame is received correctly or is lost due to bit errors, interference...

The decider module only handles messages from lower layers. All messages from upper layers are directly passed to the snrEval layer and cannot be processed in the decider module

This is the basic decider module which does not really decide anything. It only provides the basic functionality which all decider modules should have, namely message de- & encapsulation (For further information about the functionality of the physical layer modules and the formats used for communication in between them have a look at the manual

Every own decider module class should be derived from this class and only the handle*Msg functions may be redefined for your own needs. The other functions should usually NOT be changed.

All decider modules should assume bits as a unit for the length fields.

Author: Marc Löbbers, Daniel Willkomm

Usage diagram:

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Name Type Description
coreDebug numeric const

debug switch for the core framework


Name Direction Description
uppergateOut output

to MAC layer

lowergateIn input

from snrEval sub-module

Source code:

simple BasicDecider
        coreDebug : numeric const; // debug switch for the core framework
        out: uppergateOut; // to MAC layer
        in: lowergateIn; // from snrEval sub-module