Simple Module Blackboard

File: core/blackboard/Blackboard.ned

C++ definition: click here

The Blackboard works as entity to enable inter layer / process communication.

Blackboard makes global host knowledge or information relevant to more than one layer accessible to all modules derived from BlackboardAccess.

Every module derived from BlackboardAccess is capable to publish information on the Blackboard as well as to subscribe for it.

Author: Steffen Sroka, Andreas Koepke

Usage diagram:

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Used in compound modules:

If a module type shows up more than once, that means it has been defined in more than one NED file.


The P2PHost is a compound module that implements a very simple peer to peer host. Instead of an "snrEval" and "decider" module it just contains a simple "phy" module that sends unicast messages


The BaseStationHost is a compound module that implements a test base station. The test base station contains the PollApplLayer which periodically polls all clients in the network.


The ClientHost is a compound module that implements a very simple mobile client. It only consists of basic modules and the ClientApplLayer.

Host (no description)

Flood Host

Host (no description)
Host (no description)
Host (no description)

A host for demonstrating mobility models only -- it contains no protocol layers at all.


Name Type Description
coreDebug numeric const

debug switch for core framework

Source code:

simple Blackboard
	coreDebug : numeric const; // debug switch for core framework