Compound Module FloodNetwork

File: networks/floodTest/FloodNetwork.ned

(no description)

channelcontrol: ChannelControl host: FloodHost

Usage diagram:

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Contains the following modules:

If a module type shows up more than once, that means it has been defined in more than one NED file.


Flood Host

ChannelControl (unknown -- not in documented files)


floodSim (no description)


Name Type Description
playgroundSizeX numeric const

parametes for the framework

playgroundSizeY numeric const
numHosts numeric const

Unassigned submodule parameters:

Name Type Description
host[*].applLayer string

application layer type

host[*].blackboard.coreDebug numeric const

debug switch for core framework

host[*].mobility.coreDebug numeric const

debug switch for the core framework

host[*].mobility.x numeric const

x coordinate of the nodes' position (-1 = random)

host[*].mobility.y numeric const

y coordinate of the nodes' position (-1 = random)

host[*].arp.debug bool
host[*].appl.debug bool

debug switch

host[*].appl.headerLength numeric const

length of the application message header (in bits)

host[*].net.debug bool

debug switch

host[*].net.headerLength numeric const

length of the network header

host[*].net.plainFlooding bool

flag whether to use plain flooding

host[*].net.bcMaxEntries numeric const

Max number of entries in the list of already broadcasted messages

host[*].net.bcDelTime numeric const

Time after which an entry for an already broadcasted msg can be deleted

host[*].net.defaultTtl numeric const

Default time-to-live (ttl) used for this module

host[*].nic.mac.debug bool

debug switch

host[*].nic.mac.headerLength numeric const

level at which we consider medium busy

host[*].nic.mac.queueLength numeric const

length of the MAC queue

host[*].nic.mac.bitrate numeric const

bit rate in bit/s

host[*].nic.mac.defaultChannel numeric const

default channel

host[*].nic.decider.coreDebug bool

debug switch

host[*].nic.snrEval.coreDebug bool

debug switch

host[*].nic.snrEval.headerLength numeric const
host[*] bool
host[*] numeric const

time parameters, how long does it take to switch to sleep mode

host[*] numeric const

switch to send mode

host[*] numeric const

switch to recv mode

Source code:

module FloodNetwork
        // parametes for the framework
        playgroundSizeX : numeric const,
	playgroundSizeY : numeric const,
        numHosts : numeric const;

        channelcontrol: ChannelControl;
                playgroundSizeX = playgroundSizeX,
		playgroundSizeY = playgroundSizeY;
            display: "p=50,25;i=eye14";
        host: FloodHost[numHosts];
            display: "p=50,50;i=node";

    connections nocheck:
    // all connections and gates are to be generated dynamically

    display: "p=5,5;b=$playgroundSizeX,$playgroundSizeY,rect;o=white";