Compound Module MobileNet

File: networks/mobileNet/MobileNet.ned

(no description)

channelcontrol: ChannelControl host: PlainMobilityHost

Usage diagram:

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Contains the following modules:

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A host for demonstrating mobility models only -- it contains no protocol layers at all.

ChannelControl (unknown -- not in documented files)


mobileNet (no description)


Name Type Description
numHosts numeric const
playgroundSizeX numeric const
playgroundSizeY numeric const

Unassigned submodule parameters:

Name Type Description
host[*].mobilityType string
host[*].blackboard.coreDebug numeric const

debug switch for core framework

host[*].mobility.coreDebug numeric const

debug switch for the core framework

host[*].mobility.x numeric const

x coordinate of the nodes' position (-1 = random)

host[*].mobility.y numeric const

y coordinate of the nodes' position (-1 = random)

Source code:

module MobileNet
        numHosts: numeric const,
        playgroundSizeX: numeric const,
        playgroundSizeY: numeric const;
        channelcontrol: ChannelControl;
                playgroundSizeX = playgroundSizeX,
                playgroundSizeY = playgroundSizeY;
            display: "p=60,50;i=misc/sun";
        host: PlainMobilityHost[numHosts];
            //display: "i=device/pocketpc_s;r=,,#707070";
            display: "i=device/pocketpc_s";

   display: "p=10,10;b=$playgroundSizeX,$playgroundSizeY,rect;o=white";