Network sim

File: networks/gilbert-elliot/Network.ned

(no description)

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Instantiates the following module:

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Sim (no description)
Sim (no description)
Sim (no description)
Sim (no description)

Usage diagram:

The following diagram shows usage relationships between modules, networks and channels. Unresolved module (and channel) types are missing from the diagram. Click here to see the full picture.

Parameter values:

Name Value Comment
playgroundSizeX input(40,"playgroundSizeX")
playgroundSizeY input(40,"playgroundSizeY")
numHosts input(2,"Number of hosts:")

Source code:

network sim : Sim
        playgroundSizeX = input(40,"playgroundSizeX"),
	playgroundSizeY = input(40,"playgroundSizeY"),
        numHosts =input(2,"Number of hosts:");