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Mobility Framework for OMNeT++

IMPORTANT: The Mobility Framework is not actively maintained anymore. All the code got integrated in the MiXiM project which should be used instead.

There is also a OMNeT++ 4.0 port of the Mobility Framework available on github.

basic network

This framework is intended to support wireless and mobile simulations within OMNeT++. The core framework implements the support for node mobility, dynamic connection management and a wireless channel model. Additionally the core framework provides basic modules that can be derived in order to implement own modules. With this concept a programmer can easily develop own protocol implementations for the Mobility Framewoek (MF) without having to deal with the necessary interface and interoperability stuff.
The framework can be used for simulating:

We are currently developing a library of standard protocols for the MF (802.11, AODV, ...). Our goal is to have a rich library of such protocols to enable easy plug-and-play simulations of various kinds of widely used protocols.


The documentation for the Mobility Framework consists of the following parts: