Simple Module BurstApplLayer

File: contrib/applLayer/BurstApplLayer.ned

C++ definition: click here

Application layer to test lower layer implementations

This application layer does exactly the same as the TestApplLayer. The only difference is that is sends a burst of broadcast messages instead of just one. The burst size is specified in burstSize and can be set in omnetpp.ini

@sa TestApplALyer

Author: Daniel Willkomm

Usage diagram:

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Host (no description)
Host (no description)
Host (no description)


Name Type Description
debug bool

debug switch

headerLength numeric const

length of the application message header (in bits)

burstSize numeric const

size of the burst


Name Direction Description
lowergateIn input

from network layer

lowerControlIn input
lowergateOut output

to network layer

Source code:

simple BurstApplLayer
	debug : bool, // debug switch
	headerLength: numeric const, // length of the application message header (in bits)
	burstSize: numeric const; // size of the burst
	in: lowergateIn, // from network layer
	out: lowergateOut; // to network layer