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BonnMotionFileCache Class Reference
[mobility - modules handling the mobility of the hosts]

#include <BonnMotionFileCache.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual const BonnMotionFilegetFile (const char *filename)

Static Public Member Functions

static BonnMotionFileCacheinstance ()
static void deleteInstance ()

Protected Types

typedef std::map< std::string,

Protected Member Functions

void parseFile (const char *filename, BonnMotionFile &bmFile)

Protected Attributes

BMFileMap cache

Static Protected Attributes

static BonnMotionFileCacheinst

Detailed Description

Singleton object to read and store BonnMotion files. Used within BonnMotionMobility. Needed because otherwise every node would have to open and read the file independently.

Andras Varga

Member Function Documentation

void BonnMotionFileCache::deleteInstance  )  [static]

Deletes the singleton instance.

const BonnMotionFile * BonnMotionFileCache::getFile const char *  filename  )  [virtual]

Returns the given document.

BonnMotionFileCache * BonnMotionFileCache::instance  )  [static]

Returns the singleton instance.

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