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Decider80211 Class Reference
[decider - decider modules]

Decider for the 802.11 modules. More...

#include <Decider80211.h>

Inherits BasicLayer.

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Public Member Functions

virtual void initialize (int)
 Initialization of the module and some variables.

Protected Member Functions

virtual void handleLowerMsg (cMessage *msg)
 Check whether we received the packet correctly. Also appends the PhyControlInfo.
virtual void handleUpperMsg (cMessage *msg)
 This function should not be called.
virtual void handleSelfMsg (cMessage *msg)
 Handle self messages such as timer...
virtual void handleLowerControl (cMessage *msg)
 Handle control messages from lower layer Just cut them through.
double dB2fraction (double)
 converts a dB value into a normal fraction
bool packetOk (double, int, double bitrate)
 computes if packet is ok or has errors

Protected Attributes

double bitrate
 should be set in the omnetpp.ini
double snirThreshold
 should be set in the omnetpp.ini; everthing below this threshold can't be read and is therefor considered as a collision

Private Member Functions

 Module_Class_Members (Decider80211, BasicLayer, 0)

Detailed Description

Decider for the 802.11 modules.

Depending on the minimum of the snr included in the PhySDU this module computes a bit error probability. The header (1 Mbit/s) is always modulated with DBQPSK. The PDU is normally modulated either with DBPSK (1 and 2 Mbit/s) or CCK (5.5 and 11 Mbit/s). CCK is not easy to model, therefore it is modeled as DQPSK with a 16-QAM for 5.5 Mbit/s and a 256-QAM for 11 Mbit/s.

Marc Löbbers, David Raguin

Member Function Documentation

void Decider80211::handleLowerMsg cMessage *  m  )  [protected, virtual]

Check whether we received the packet correctly. Also appends the PhyControlInfo.

Handle message from lower layer. The minimal snir is read in and it is computed wether the packet has collided or has bit errors or was received correctly. The corresponding kind is set and it is handed on to the upper layer.

Implements BasicLayer.

void Decider80211::initialize int  stage  )  [virtual]

Initialization of the module and some variables.

First we have to initialize the module from which we derived ours, in this case BasicDecider.

This decider also needs the bitrate and some 802.11 parameters are initialized

Reimplemented from BasicLayer.

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