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NicEntry Class Reference
[channelControl - channel and connection related classes]

NicEntry is used by ChannelControl to store the necessary information for each nic. More...

#include <NicEntry.h>

Inherited by NicEntryDebug, and NicEntryDirect.

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Public Types

typedef std::map< int, cGate * > GateList

Public Member Functions

 NicEntry (bool debug)
 Constrcutor, initializes all members.
virtual ~NicEntry ()
 Destructor -- needs to be there...
virtual void connectTo (NicEntry *)=0
 Connect two nics.
virtual void disconnectFrom (NicEntry *)=0
 Disconnect two nics.
const GateList & getGateList ()
 return the actual gateList
bool isConnected (const NicEntry *other)
 Checks if this nic is connected to the "other" nic.
const cGate * getOutGateTo (int to)

Public Attributes

int nicId
 module id of the nic for which information is stored
cModule * nicPtr
 Pointer to the host module.
int hostId
 Module id of the host module this nic belongs to.
Coord pos
 Geographic location of the nic.

Protected Attributes

bool coreDebug
 Debug output switch.
GateList outConns
 Outgoing connections of this nic.

Detailed Description

NicEntry is used by ChannelControl to store the necessary information for each nic.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

NicEntry::NicEntry bool  debug  )  [inline]

Constrcutor, initializes all members.

initialize position!

Member Function Documentation

const cGate* NicEntry::getOutGateTo int  to  )  [inline]

Called by P2PPhyLayer. Needed to send a packet directly to a certain nic without other nodes 'hearing' it. This is only useful for physical layers that work with bit error probability like P2PPhyLayer.

to id of the nic to which the packet is about to be sent

Member Data Documentation

GateList NicEntry::outConns [protected]

Outgoing connections of this nic.

This map stores all connection for this nic to other nics

The first entry is the module id of the nic the connection is going to and the second the gate to send the msg to

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