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SimpleArp Class Reference
[netwLayer - network layer modules]

A class to convert integer layer addresses. More...

#include <SimpleArp.h>

Inherits BasicModule.

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Public Member Functions

virtual void handleMessage (cMessage *)
 should not be called, instead direct calls to the radio methods should be used.
int getMacAddr (const int netwAddr)
 returns a L2 address to a given L3 address
int getNetwAddr (const int macAddr)
 returns a L3 address to a given L2 address

Private Member Functions

 Module_Class_Members (SimpleArp, BasicModule, 0)

Detailed Description

A class to convert integer layer addresses.

This class takes the network layer id as the network layer address and the mac layer id as the mac layer address

ARP implementations are divers, it does not make sense to start from a common class. Their main purpose is to translate layer 2 into layer 3 addresses. However, these addresses can be very different. Here, simple integers are sufficient, but for hardware-in-the-loop simulations more complex ones are appropriate.

In contrast to this ARP, others may want to cache entries. This adds another set of basic operations that may or may not make sense for ARPs.

Daniel Willkomm

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