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SnrEval80211 Class Reference
[snrEval - modules for attenuation and interference calculation]

A SnrEval for the 802.11b protocol. More...

#include <SnrEval80211.h>

Inherits SnrEval.

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Public Member Functions

 Module_Class_Members (SnrEval80211, SnrEval, 0)
virtual void initialize (int)
 Some extra parameters have to be read in.
void handleMessage (cMessage *)
 Called every time a message arrives -- we need to call a different encaps msg.

Protected Member Functions

AirFrame80211 * encapsMsg (cMessage *msg)
virtual double calcDuration (cMessage *)
 computes the duration of a 802.11 frame in seconds

Detailed Description

A SnrEval for the 802.11b protocol.

Subclass of SnrEval. Basically the same except for some extra parameters of 802.11 and the duration of the packet that has to be computed differently as the modualtion of header and data part of the packet are different. This module forms a physical layer together with the Decider80211 module. The resluting physical layer is intended to be used together with the Mac80211 module.

Marc Löbbers

Member Function Documentation

double SnrEval80211::calcDuration cMessage *  frame  )  [protected, virtual]

computes the duration of a 802.11 frame in seconds

The duration of the packet is computed, with respect to the different bitrates of header and data. The header is sent with 1Mbit/s and the rest with the bitrate encoded in the frame

Reimplemented from SnrEval.

AirFrame80211 * SnrEval80211::encapsMsg cMessage *  msg  )  [protected]

This function encapsulates messages from the upper layer into an AirFrame, copies the type and channel fields, adds the headerLength, sets the pSend (transmitterPower) and returns the AirFrame.

Reimplemented from BasicSnrEval.

void SnrEval80211::handleMessage cMessage *  msg  ) 

Called every time a message arrives -- we need to call a different encaps msg.

Call the right processing functions

Reimplemented from BasicSnrEval.

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