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basicUtils - utitities for the core MF
[core - core MF modules]

Collaboration diagram for basicUtils - utitities for the core MF:


class  ActiveChannel
 Announce the current channel that we send on. More...
class  FWMath
 Support functions for mathematical operations. More...
class  HostMove
 Class to store host position and movement. More...
class  MacControlInfo
 Control info to pass next hop L2 addr from netw to MAC layer. More...
class  ModuleAccess< T >
class  NicControlType
 Enumerate possible control messages. More...
struct  SnrListEntry
 struct for SNR information More...


typedef std::list< SnrListEntrySnrList
 List to store SNR information for a message.

Typedef Documentation

typedef std::list<SnrListEntry> SnrList

List to store SNR information for a message.

used to store SNR information of a message and pass it to the Decider. Each SnrListEntry in this list corresponds to one SNR value at a specific time.

Marc Löbbers

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