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FWMath Class Reference
[basicUtils - utitities for the core MFutils - utiltity classes]

Support functions for mathematical operations. More...

#include <FWMath.h>

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Static Public Member Functions

static double mod (double dividend, double divisor)
static double div (double dividend, double divisor)
static bool close (double one, double two)
static int stepfunction (double i)
static int sign (double i)
static int round (double d)
static double max (double a, double b)
static double dBm2mW (double dBm)
static double torDist (double x1, double x2, double y1, double y2)

Detailed Description

Support functions for mathematical operations.

This class contains all kind of mathematical support functions

Christian Frank

Member Function Documentation

static bool FWMath::close double  one,
double  two
[inline, static]

Tests whether two doubles are close enough to be declared equal.

true if parameters are at most epsilon apart, false otherwise

static double FWMath::dBm2mW double  dBm  )  [inline, static]

convert a dBm value into milli Watt

static double FWMath::div double  dividend,
double  divisor
[inline, static]

Returns the result of a whole-numbered division.

static double FWMath::max double  a,
double  b
[inline, static]

greater of the given parameters

static double FWMath::mod double  dividend,
double  divisor
[inline, static]

Returns the rest of a whole-numbered division.

static int FWMath::round double  d  )  [inline, static]

integer that corresponds to rounded double parameter

static int FWMath::sign double  i  )  [inline, static]

1 if parameter greater or equal zero, -1 otherwise

static int FWMath::stepfunction double  i  )  [inline, static]

0 if i is close to 0, 1 if i is positive greater epsilon, -1 if it is negative smaller epsilon.

static double FWMath::torDist double  x1,
double  x2,
double  y1,
double  y2
[inline, static]

helper function, returns squared euclidean distance makes code less messy

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