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utils - utiltity classes

Collaboration diagram for utils - utiltity classes:


class  Bitrate
 Hold current Bitrate of a radio, as double in bit per second. More...
class  DroppedPacket
 May be published by MAC lyer to indicate why a packet was dropped. More...
class  MediumIndication
 What is the current medium state? busy vs. idle, not valid when radio state is sending or sleeping. More...
class  NetwControlInfo
 Control info netw messages. More...
class  RadioState
 Class to hold the channel state of a certain radio of a nic. More...
class  RSSI
 Class that keeps track of the current RSSI value (recived signal strength indicator). More...
class  ActiveChannel
 Announce the current channel that we send on. More...
class  FWMath
 Support functions for mathematical operations. More...
class  MacControlInfo
 Control info to pass next hop L2 addr from netw to MAC layer. More...
class  ModuleAccess< T >
class  NicControlType
 Enumerate possible control messages. More...
struct  SnrListEntry
 struct for SNR information More...


enum  { L3BROADCAST = -1, L2BROADCAST = -1 }
 Define some addresses for the simple layers. More...


cModule * findModuleWherever (const char *name, const char *classname, cModule *from)

Enumeration Type Documentation

anonymous enum

Define some addresses for the simple layers.

Andreas Köpke

Function Documentation

cModule* findModuleWherever const char *  name,
const char *  classname,
cModule *  from

Find a module with given name and type "closest" to module "from".

Operation: gradually raises in the module hierarchy, and searches recursively among all submodules at every level.

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